“Peace within the storm”

Peace within
I am a seasoned mental health professional specializing in the treatment of recovery from trauma and addiction.  I have successfully maintained a private practice for over 25 years, and managed large multidisciplinary clinical practices.

My combined skills illustrate my effectiveness in crisis intervention and needs assessment. My approach toward treating my patients incorporates both medical and counseling aspects to collectively bring much needed physical and mental balance regardless of what kind of psychological issues a client faces. My goal is empower people and help them move forward from their current position toward harmony and health infused with positive energy and wellness. I have provided professional training for mental health providers and other populations on topics such as intervention, trauma, effective communication and stress management. I am an informed and enthusiastic speaker. My goal is to impart insight on how to help people move forward as they grow toward wholeness.

10760 Hickory Ridge Road #211
Columbia, MD 21044